My Roatan story has been unwinding over the last 26 years. In 1975, as an adventurous young woman, I found my way to the Bay Islands. While the sister islands of Utila and Guanaja, pristine in their beauty, held no real fascination for me, it was love at first sight with Roatan. The wheels were set in motion and the following year, after being hired by the original owner of Anthony's Key Resort, I was back in paradise!!!

"Don't Stop The Carnival," a novel by Herman Wouk, was Roatan's unofficial reference guide to island living, a must read in those years and still amusing today. For many years the clock seemed to stand still as far as growth and development on the island were concerned. I kept myself busy with hotel work, diving and lots of fun in the sun. After marriage and the births of my two sons, I started a successful gift shop business in two locations and later owned and operated a cottage industry where I trained the local island women in the art of jewelry making.

By the late eighties everything started to change; phone lines were laid from French Harbor to West End. Now this was a big deal, it meant no more day trips to town to use the one public phone or ship to shore radios! Foreign loans and aid came next bringing us a new runway for airline jets, paved roads, electric power and eventually a new International airport terminal. It was goodbye forever to the old DC 3's with their "live cargo" and the sometimes too short dirt airstrip.

In 1991 while driving the newly cut ridge road to West Bay Beach, a beach previously accessible only by boat, and seeing for the first time the two shorelines from such heights I was filled with a renewed passion for the sheer beauty of this place. Once again the wheels were set in motion. An idea had crept into my head and wouldn't go away: a "Real Estate Office." Although there wasn't a demand for land at the time, my hunch was that it wouldn't be long. So I found myself back in the USA to study Real Estate and Marketing. Upon my return to the island I set about studying Honduran
law. By the following year I had opened Roatan's 1st Real Estate office. At the time, I remember thinking I will just get my feet wet and in a couple of years if I'm not crazy I'll actually make a living at this. For once I was happy to be wrong, I had to dive head first into the business, my timing had been perfect!!

Through the years I have witnessed and have been a part of many changes on the island; it is no longer the sleepy little getaway of the well traveled few. It has become a popular travel destination and home to a new international community.

I am very proud of Island Properties and the service we provide our clients. Knowing the Island folks so well and the island itself like the back of my hand helps me endlessly in finding just the right property. "Yes, it is possible to find value in every price range." The knowledge I've obtain over the years in regard to the history of most properties and areas on the island is invaluable. It allows me to identify problems and to accurately represent to my clients the past, present and future prospects of a particular sight. Island Properties also offers its clients a very strong base in Honduran Law and the Honduran Judicial system.

My love affair with Roatan continues today. I would be delighted to assist you with your dream of island living. I hope you will be my next successful and happy marriage between buyer and property.